Landing Page Protection Script

landing page protection script
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So, you are looking for a landing page protection script? You have come to the right place!

There is no way around it, at some point your carefully crafted landing pages will get ripped by another affiliate.

Ripping landing pages is part of the game and pretty much every affiliate marketer has at some point ripped a landing page.

Several trackers offer a way to protect your landing page against spy tools by using a landing page protection script, but if you run high volumes there is not much you can do against getting your masterpiece ripped. Smart affiliates will always find your page, protected or not.

So what do you do when your landing page gets ripped? Call the police? File a complaint? No! You use it to your advantage and make some money from it! Were in this game to make money after all.

This landing page protection script does not protect your landing page from getting ripped, it does something way better!

So what does it do then? It actually makes your landing page generate money for you even when you are not using it!

Sounds pretty good, or not? So how does it work?

This bit of JavaScript disguised as a jQuery file redirects an x percentage of traffic to an URL of your choice when someone rips it.

So how does this landing page protection script work?

  1. You download the jQuery file and unzip it to the root folder of your landing page.
  2. You add jQuery to the header of your landing page using the following bit of code: <script type=text/javascript src=jquery.min.js></script>
  3. In the jQuery file search for and replace this with the URL where you will be hosting your lander.
  4. In the jQuery file search for var b= and add the URL to which visitors need to be redirected.
  5. In the jQuery file search for var l= and set the percentage of traffic that you want to redirect.

A few things to remember when using this landing page protection script:

  1. Remove any existing jQuery references and files. This script is a a fully functioning jQuery script so no need to have multiple versions on your landing page.
  2. Do not set the percentage of traffic to redirect too high as the higher you set this the higher the chances of getting caught are.
  3. Make sure you set the correct domain and double check your landing page prior to uploading it to your server.
  4. Again… Double check everything, you don´t want to get caught by your own booby-trap.

So, where should I send my new-found traffic to?

Well.. That is something up to you to decide, but if I can make some suggestions that I have seen working well.

  1. Your original lander. IMO the best solution.
  2. A smartlink where it might make you a few cents.
  3. Straight to the offer that you were initially promoting. No pre-lander so no warming up of a visitor but you might get some conversions.

Download the lander protection script

As I have spent quite a bit of time creating and testing this landing page protection script I am not giving it away for free (well, I actually am) and I am expecting a small gesture from you in return.

– Please note that this script is no longer available –

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