Jubna Tracking Tokens

Jubna tracking tokens
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Jubna is a great native advertisement network with a huge reach in the MENA region. Their inventory consists mainly of websites in the Arab language, and they have an inventory of over 12 million uniques a day. So, if you have offers to promote in the MENA region Jubna is your go to network.

In order to track your campaigns you need to know which tracking options a network has and which tokens you can use. As I was unable to find any of this online I decided to dig a bit further and reach out to Jubna to find out more about the Jubna tracking options.

Available Jubna tracking tokens

Click IDclick_id{click_id}
Widget IDjubna_widget_id{jubna_widget_id}
Widget Categoryjubna_widget_category{jubna_widget_category}
Campaign IDjubna_campaign_id{jubna_campaign_id}
Ad IDjubna_ad_id{jubna_ad_id}

Jubna JS Conversion Pixel

Using this JS Pixel you can post back conversions to Jubna. Place this code on the checkout or thank you page to post back custom conversions.

var jub_c_domain = 'https://jubna.com/en/api/conversions/9500?dname='+btoa(document.domain);
var jubna_js =document.createElement('script');

Please note that WordPress is not allowing me to add JS directly so you will have to wrap the above code in Javascript.

Jubna S2S Conversion Tracking

In order to post back conversions from your tracker to Jubna you can use the following Postback URL:


Jubna.com Payment options

Want to give the native traffic from Jubna.com a try? Minimum deposits are $100 and you can pay via Bank Transfer, Creditcard or Paypal.

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